OsteoCalVit OsteoCalVitFort Box
Stronger than ever!

One 1375mg tablet contains 1250mg calcium carbonate (i.e. 500mg calcium) and 10.25µg Vitamin D3. Other ingredients are microcrystallines, cellulose ph 101, croscaramellose - sodium, cornstarch, povidon, mangesiumterarates and white apadry.

OsteoCalVitFort® 500mg/10.25µg tablets are a food supplement containing calcium and vitamin D3. Sufficient calcium intake ist of vital imporance for the development of bone and teeth, and also for the regular functionality of nerves and muscles.
Vitamine D3 regulates the calcium metabolism, is a necessary element for the absorption of calcium in the intestines and of great importance for bone composition.

Taking OsteoCalVitFort® 500mg/10.25µg tablets compensates insufficient calcium and vitamine D3 intake, as well as insufficient natural synthesis of vitamine D3 in the human body, which is a recurring condition in aged people.