Calcium strengthens the bones

The time to build up strong bones is during childhood and the body requires an adequate supply of calcium to maintain the bones for a lifetime. However, studies show that many people take in too little Calcium to guarantee the long-lasting preservation of the bone substance.

An adequate supply of calcium is important for the bones and thus the basis for osteoporosis prevention and therapy. Besides Calcium performs more vital functions of the human organism. Because Calcium and phosphate together make up the main component of bone and teeth, which is the sufficient supply of the body and essential for dental health.
Calcium is also involved in blood clotting and plays a central role in the function of the immune system. It controls enzyme reactions, is involved in the maintenance of acid-base balance and it regulates the transmission of nerve impulse to muscles and hormones related to body regions. Calcium is, therefore, both for the function of muscles and for the "nerves" of great importance.
Calcium content of food items
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